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Introducing The


The Coresign Mini can be purchased at one of the following retailers:

Product Overview

The Future Of Signage

    The CORE mini Digital Signage Player (DSP) will assist in promoting and growing your business. Display your restaurant menu with just a few clicks, display critical data to be seen around the office, setup presentations for everyone to see and much more.


    The powerful hardware allows for intuitive displays that promote all the information you need in just seconds. Our powerful hardware offers the complete solution for your business needs. Own a restaurant? How about having an up-to date with just a few mouse clicks. Simply want extra revenue by advertising for others? Done.


    Our devices do it all! Imagine your business with your very own digital display, your own Times Square-- that's the future

Product Features

✔   No Annual Fees. No Monthly Fees. Nada. That's right, here at E-DATA Tech., we believe that once you purchase a product, it's yours to keep.

✔   True 1080p HD output at 60Hz for smooth playback across all sorts of devices. At HD quality, your content is sure to get its message across to your audience. Don't settle for an image that may leave a negative impression of your business, stick with quality visuals.

✔   Easy Plug n’ Play Installation. No longer will you have to deal with wires and headaches. Our intuitive software is programmed to auto-start, self-reboot, and auto-program when connected to a display. Let's say by a bad streak of luck this all fails, our tech support is standing by 24/7 to guide you through whatever assistance you may need.

✔   Included Digital Signage Software with Templates. Skip the learning curve most software require, just pick from any our premium templates for your business. They look nice, easy to setup, and will leave a positive impression to your audience. Skip having to find a designer for your ads, we have them ready for you.

✔   HTML5 Integration & Support. In layman's terms, you'll be up to date with today's standards of content display and compatibility with all screen types.

Warranty Information

Warranty, 2 Parts: 2 Year Advanced Replacement Warranty. If any issue were to arise where your hardware isn't functioning correctly, a replacement will be sent to you as soon as we receive the defective unit. Valid for 2 Years after purchase date. Proof of Purchase is required.

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